Psychiatric Services

For adults 18 years and older,  Kirkbride Center offers inpatient psychiatric programs that address acute major psychiatric and dual-diagnosis disorders as well as sub-acute disorders. Intensive psychiatric stabilization is the cornerstone of the Adult Acute Psychiatric Program. We are licensed for 74 beds, with 25 available to be used for co-occurring disorder treatment, or dual diagnosis. We offer several levels of inpatient care to fit the needs of our referral sources, with the ability to take 201 (voluntary) and 302 (involuntary) referrals, as well as sub-acute and 23-hour observations. With substance abuse services available on site, we can facilitate a smooth transition from acute psychiatric to detoxification or residential rehabilitation as needed. 

Our psychiatric programs rely on patient participation, assessment and education for consistent but flexible treatment tailored to the individual. The multidisciplinary team includes psychiatrists, a nursing director, psychiatric nurses, social workers, therapists and mental health technicians working together to provide the highest-quality care.

Psychiatric services include:

  • Acute adult inpatient
  • Sub-acute adult inpatient
  • 23-hour observation
  • Dual diagnosis