Addiction Services

The Kirkbride Center offers non-hospital, medically monitored detoxification and residential rehabilitation services. As the area’s largest non-hospital inpatient program, we have 270 beds to serve those facing drug or alcohol addiction, including 21 detoxification beds and both long- and short-term residential treatment. 

Our medically monitored detoxification program gently weans individuals off of substances which cause withdrawal symptoms, minimizing discomfort and risk of complications with proper medication and supervision. Individuals in our detoxification program have access too much of the same resources and programming offered to our rehab clients and often choose to step down into our onsite residential rehabilitation program. Currently, our detoxification program consists of 21 beds. 

Our residential rehabilitation program of 249 beds includes many different options for treatment modality in both short term and long term levels of care. Services include detoxification, drug free residential rehabilitation, Co-occuring disorders, Gender Specific Trauma Recovery(TREM), ongoing medication-assisted treatment(MAT) and pharmacologic blockade. Kirkbride is committed to the use of Evidence Based Practices in it's assessment and treatment modalities, especially MAT and TREM. TREM( Trauma Recovery Empowerment Model) are fully manualized group interventions for women and men who are trauma survivors. Both use cognitive restruction, psycho-education and coping skills training, weaving each of these techniques throughout the intervention, which incorporates a specific recovery topic in each weekly 75 minute session. (See link under news)

Kirkbride has distinguished itself as a leader in treating opiate addiction, providing a full range of pharmacotherapies as clinically appropriate for each individual since 2000. We offer methadone maintenance, buprenorphrine (Suboxone) and naltrexone (Vivitrol) oral and extended release. These agents are available for both detoxification and maintenance to help mitigate withdrawal symptoms. . As the first inpatient program in the greater Philadelphia area to be licensed by the state to initiate Suboxone maintenance, we have been very careful in creating our program and only partner with established outpatient programs for continuation of Suboxone maintenance. We currently have agreements for Suboxone referrals from programs in Philadelphia, Delaware, and Bucks counties.   

Kirkbride is one of only 2.7% of drug and alcohol rehab centers that utilize all three forms of medication assisted treatment according to ( See link under news)

Our goal is to help each individual to formulate coping skills to replace self-destructive behaviors, develop a strong support network and choose to lead an independent, productive life.